Our highly qualified management staff is able to meet all requirements and expectations of customers.

We provide the professional support during the entire construction process.
When dealing with extensions or adaptation of the building that is already in use, we are trying to conduct the works without disturbing the normal functioning of the building.

Gibra builds from scratch

  • Industrial and commercial construction
  • Office and public buildings
  • Sports facilities

We have an international experience in project management.
When undertaking the project, Gibra oversees the entirety of the works, from the start to the completion of the construction. That includes all necessary negotiations with the subcontractors. Our Company also takes pride in the quality of the services and punctuality.

Thanks to multi-discipline technical documentation we are able to put the building into use as soon as it is possible.
Detailed engineering and as-built documentation also facilitates implementing modifications of the building in the future.
We offer a complex guarantee for the whole project.